2 day workshop. 7 hours each day. 2 set dances and 3 reels and 3 treble jigs, learnt and dance-able to music. my feet brain body everything hurts.

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What I love most about dance.

lorde-of-the-dance asked:
Hey this is random but I just read your survey thing and saw that you have sesamoiditis! I do too and I've never known anyone else with it. How do you manage it? Do you have any tips for prevention?

I’ve actually started taking glucosamine sulfate which helps lubricate your joints and its helped a lot. But I’m not sure how old you are and if it would make a difference for you. It used to be killer though because I would teach for 3 hours before my own class and would wear my hard shoes pretty much that whole time, so practice sneakers did put off the pain when the main teacher let me wear them.  I also tried extra cushion type things but they caused other problems in my foot. It hasn’t gone away, but I can manage through it.

irish dance survey by beatup

hardest dance: slip jig
easiest dance: reel
longest continuous dance time: 7.5 hornpipe steps=4:15 min nonstop 
time taken off dance: a year while at university

worst injury: sesamoiditis 
preventative measures taken: dance sneakers/calf stretches/20 minutes to warmup 
favorite stretch: butterfly stretch/hip stretch
pet peeves: when someone wines and moans about their placement but doesn’t put in the hard work to achieve what they claim they should get.

street shoes: size 7.5 toms
soft shoes: size 2 rutherford cavans
hard shoes: size 3w fays black sole

hours dancing in class/week: 3 - 4.5
hours dancing on own/week: 2 - 6 depending on up coming feis/majors
your worst nightmare: falling off a raised stage or having it collapse under me while dancing
what holds you back: my legs are big fat logs and I can’t jump.
what pulls you up: my rhythm and turn out

current level: open champ
mental level: not recalling at regionals (I hold my breath every year)
goal level: recalling at worlds

motivation: the younger dancers I teach telling me great job at feis and the dancers who have so much ambition they make it to champs quickly and nearly surpass me!
deterrence: when a dancer doesn’t deserve a placement but get it because of politics, (that goes both ways, when good dancers get a crummy placements and bad dancers out place what they actually deserve.)

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I just can’t get over this hornpipe rhythm!

whether you love it, hate it, can’t wait for it to be over, or never want it to end.

happy st. patrick’s day to all my irish dancing friends!



The Jeremiah Molyneaux (North Kerry) version of the Blackbird that dates back to the dancing masters.  Ans cool tomfoolery after that!

Start watching at :50!!